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ID one's original: FREE Ride’s versatility aims to satisfy the needs of All Mountain Skiers. From Moguls to Powder, you'll love how this ski performs.

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Image of the FRX ski by ID One USA
Our Price: $899.00

This is the flagship model for the ID one brand

The FRX's goal is satisfy the needs of 80% of what the mountain requires. This means versatility.

The FRX can reaffirm a skiers' sense of control and enjoyment of the skiing.
The FR-X model provides certainty in back pressure put on the skis and catches the rhythm of the ski slope. It is a favorite of aggressive skiers.

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Image of the FRMX ski by ID One USA
Our Price: $899.00

FR-MX skis can provide the power for a mogul run while maintaining the performance needed in a wide range of conditions.

The design of the FR-MX keeps you firmly in control. Turns are made easier turns utilizing the flex of the FR-MX and stability at high speeds speed.

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Image of the FRTM ski by ID One USA
Our Price: $899.00

A basic ski for the mogul slopes.

Cracked stainless edges are applied to the CS sandwich construction to provide extra flex in the ski. By fully utilizing the flex, the FRTM sweeps around the outside of the mogul and can easily hold the skiers line.
These skis easily capture the separate movements as the body shifts from right to left.

In addition, the softness of the flex reduces the rebound of the skis, giving a smoother ride, and helping maintain position in the moguls.

An advantage of this stability is that it helps maintain the center of gravity, as you move through the second part of the turn, keeping the ski in contact with the snow surface from the tip to the tail. These are definitely all-round skis.

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Image of the FRXP ski by ID One USA
Our Price: $899.00

This is an all-mountain ski suitable for groomers, powder, rough terrain and any other condition or situation that a skier encounters during the day.
With a side cut profile of 116-78-106mm this is a top choice that offers true skiing enjoyment with its spring and ease of turning.
Because of the width you can develop an easy slide whether the snow is icy or rough.

A true all-around ski that also lets the skier enjoy free and fluid skiing on smooth terrain.

This model comes in three sizes - 160cm, 168cm and 176cm.
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Image of the FRPC 176 ski by ID One USA
FRPC Light
Our Price: $1,100.00

The FRPC is an all-mountain ski designed after careful study of snow quality and powder of Japan.

Lightweight wood is used for the ski's core in order to reduce its weight. The result is a light feeling underfoot.
The sidecut profile is 126-89-116 providing that loft & float on top of powder. At the same time, the FRPC are not exclusively for powder; their waist of 90 mm keeps them out of the big powder skis and provides enough sidecut of the groomers as well.

The PC denotes Powder & Control. These skis follow a skier’s commands, allowing easy operation and smooth control in any situation.
And with the loft and float, complete control is maintained, and turns can easily be made, even in the worst conditions.

Control is brought to the forefront with the it's flat tail vs twin-tip.

These skis are designed to give you a great edging through the latter half of a turn.

These excellent skis allow carving with full control, no matter the incline, the terrain, or whether making long or medium turns.

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picture of ID one FR-JPOW Powder Ski
Our Price: $1,299.00

Please welcome the FR-JPOW to North America! Developed for the legendary “JPOW” in Japan, this ski delivers like nothing else you’ve seen.

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picture of ID one FR-JPOW Powder Ski
Our Price: $1,299.00

Please welcome the FR-JPOW to North America! Developed for the legendary “JPOW” in Japan, this ski delivers like nothing else you’ve seen. more info
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