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The goal of SLOW Ride is carefree skiing for adult skiers with All-around Skiing in mind.

We have developed a line-up of No More Carving (NC), Slow Ride Mogul (M), and Nature Soft Cross (NSX) skis to offer a variety of skiing experiences.
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picture of ID One USA slow ride mogul ski SR-M
Our Price: $899.00

SR-MOGUL is designed to give those new to moguls the opportunity to easily perform turns and maintain control over their speed. The ultra soft flex of the SR-M ensures a safe and easy ride.

Skiers will be able to conquer the slopes that would have beaten them before. Of course, these skis can work just as well on the smooth groomers or carved up crud.

Stainless Cracked Edges, and lightweight wood core, enhance the ski's flex and lighten the weight. Side cut profile of 106-68-96 mm
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picture of ID One USA slow ride ski SR-NSX
Our Price: $925.00

With the Soft Flex NSX, carving depends largely on the skis light weight and by eliminating unnecessary gripping of the snow surface, they come smoothly out of the turn.

The SRNSX is great for smooth gliding, as well as carving and suitable for any technique.

In addition, these all mountain adult skis are suitable for any surface - from deep snow powder, chop, crud and flats.
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