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Designed for skiers pursuing technique and speed
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picture of ID One USA ski TR-TT
Our Price: $915.00

This is ID One's entry level ski and structured from fiberglass making them extremely light and easy to use.

During flat skiing, snow surface is gripped easily and edges are grabbed from the very beginning of the turn allowing for sharp turns.

These skis have make a soft contact with the snow surface and give a gentle sense of stability. The TRTT provides a gentle rebound and allows you to develop an effortless turning rhythm. This flexibility, high operability and excellent sense of stability works well on rough terrain and mogul slopes for those who are more experienced. These skis are suggested for beginning skiers.

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picture of ID One USA ski TR-TTM
Our Price: $1,079.00

This is a model developed for athletes aiming for the their highest performance. The TR-TTM supports experts who will love the Technical Crown design.

Made with metal materials that make it stable during the entire turn and smoothly bring you into the next turn.

This is unique to the Technical Ride. While it is light it still has a sharp presence due to the application of our ACS (Active Carving System). The TR-TTM also edges well at the beginning of a turn giving you the opportunity to enter the turn smoothly.

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