Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ID one Skis so special?

Heart. Spirit. Integrity. ID one Ski has one philosophy and one standard. That is to simply make the highest quality, best performing ski for the competitive mogul skier. Each ski is designed and constructed to accommodate the demanding requirements that come from a variety of styles, heights, weight and strength of these special skiers. We know there are a lot of good skis you can choose to compete on. We simply want to make the best ski for you. We want to be the one. We want to be your one.

Are the ID one Skis I buy today the same skis produced for World Cup Athletes?

Absolutely! At ID one, there is only one standard of excellence, one standard for quality. The world’s top elite mogul skiers use the exact same skis we offer to you, right here at ID one USA.

What are the lead times to receive my ID one Skis?

ID one makes skis only 2 times per year. During this time each and every ski is meticulously handcrafted to exacting specifications and always in limited quantities. Because of these limited product cycles, should we exhaust our current inventory here in the U.S., we may be forced to wait until the next production cycle to replenish our stock. If this were the case, some orders can take up to 6 months to fulfill. We're dedicated to keeping inventory in stock in the US to accommodate for all North American customers. If you’re interested in skiing on ID one Skis in the upcoming season or in your summer training, we encourage you to make your decision earlier than later and place your order today. At ID one USA, we promise to always keep you informed of when you can expect to receive your ID one Skis.

Where should I mount my new ID one skis?

Our ski is designed to perform the best when it is mounted directly on the factory line. During the construction of our ski, the wood core is layered together to create an ideal flex point. This point lives right on the factory line printed on your ski.

This lets you get the most out of your ID one skis!

What are your recommendations for tuning my skis?

We recommend you tune your skis at 1 degree base / 1 degree edge. This is how they come out of the factory.

The Base of our skis are a highly engineered, specialized material. You get a perfectly flat base and a micro precision finish. They are tough, fast, and durable. Our Technical Advisors will tell you to put a coat of wax on them at least once a season. Waxing is your choice. Our skis are ready to ski and compete on the day you receive them. You’ll notice the difference the first time you see them and put them to the test.

Do my ID one skis have a warranty?

We can assure you that when you receive your skis, they have been quality checked to ensure they have been manufactured to our highest quality standards.

Once you remove the plastic and mount your skis - there is no warranty. We wish you the most success on your new skis and are grateful to be part of your IDENTITY.

What are “Seamless Edge” and a “Cracked Edge”?

All of our skis have a Stainless Steel Edge. Our MR-J, MR-D, MR-G, and MR-CE all have a Cracked Edge. Our MR-SG and MR-G1 have a Seamless Edge. This is how we control the flex throughout the entire ski. A Cracked Edge has microscopic “cracks” on the edges to deliver the flexibility and performance you’re looking for in these models. The Seamless Edge in the MR-SG and MR-G1 have no cracks. It is seamless stainless steel. This increases the stiffness required when your strength and ability demand it

Do you offer “Pro-Form Pricing” for athletes, clubs or group purchases?

The pricing for Mogul Skis on our site IS our Pro-Form Pricing. Everyone who buys our skis already falls into one of these categories. We have priced our skis as competitively as we possibly can. We have the same pro-form pricing for all skiers. We understand and appreciate the resources it takes to compete in moguls. We also appreciate the additional commitment it takes to ski on ID ones. We feel strongly in the value and performance you’ll receive should you make the choice and find your one.

Okay…. So how do I choose the pair that’s right for me?

Simple. ID one USA has brought you a lineup that should fit every Mogul Skier’s requirements. Start your process by selecting the ski that matches your height. In most cases, this is all you need to do, especially if you fall in a 140cm to a 168cm. If your ski size falls in-between a 172cm and a 182cm, then your additional choice is whether you want a Cracked Edge or a Seamless Edge. If you are a bigger, stronger skier then the MR-SG in 172cm, 177cm or 182cm may be right for you. If you are a lighter smaller skier, then the MR-CE 172cm or the MR-CE 177cm would be your choice.

Consult our selection chart below:

Find your Identity…. Find your ID One