The Spirit of ID one

There's a spirit and soul that runs through each and every ID one Ski. This spirit and soul starts with passionate Japanese Craftsmen who see skiing as a lifelong sport that allows us to maintain our connection to the mountain, the trees and nature. And with their love of freestyle mogul skiing, ID one sharply focuses their time honored skills to bring an unsurpassed quality and performance that connects you to the mountain and to the sport like no other ski. There's an aura around ID one and our skis. Before the hand selected wood is brought down from the mountains of Japan, it is slowly and naturally dried. This natural drying process ensures the wood has reached iits final form. Only then do the craftsmen closely examine each and every piece of wood; selecting only the highest quality wood with grain patterns that preserve the natural strength and flexibility which allow our skis to perform as intended.The Identity One name represents, and is a symbol, of everything the company stands for and believes in. To the company, ID one has a powerful meaning. ID represents Identity, your identity. We build ski's that work with you, for you, and become part of you, part of your identity. The number One has many facets. Our craftsmen want the love and passion they place in their work to be represented as an experience unlike any other. ID one not only wants to be your number One choice, but wants you to experience what it is like to be at One with your skis, for you to be number One.

We want to help you find your Identity here. We want you to find your ID One.