I love to learn, I am growing, I listen to My Coaches, I am Developing New Skills.

I want to see what happens next…This is part of myIDentity

I want you to find yourIDentity,I want you to find yourIDone….

Nick Page -15 years old - U17 Skier and ID one USA Junior Athlete.

Getting to Know Nick Page:

Born in Hollywood Florida, Current Hometown, Park City, Utah
Height & Weight: 5’9” 135 lbs.

Nick has been on skis since the age of 2 and started competing in Single & Dual Moguls when he was 8. Nick will tell you that he has loved each year more than the last. He credits his coaches at Wasatch Freestyle
with helping him grow and develop his love for the sport. Nick trains with Wasatch Freestyle at Deer Valley and Snowbird Resorts

ID one USA: How did you get interested in Freestyle Mogul Skiing?

Nick: I got interested when my parents signed me up with Wasatch Freestyle when I was seven years old. I immediately fell in love with mogul skiing. I started in the Mogul Monster program and have since moved up to the Full Time Freestyle Team. We have a great team with great coaches.

ID one USA: What do you think the strongest aspect of your skiing is?

Nick: I continue to learn. I think a strong aspect of my skiing is air sense and air awareness. I am also trying to push my speed and remain clean in my turns. I am also working on improving my turns and my speed.

ID one USA: Is there anything you are known for in the sport such as a jump or being fast in the middle of the course?

Nick: I am told I have "unlimited energy" by one of my coaches who thinks I can ski forever.

ID one USA: Which ID one ski do you use and why do you love that ski?

Nick:I ski on the 172cm MR-CE. I really like it because it has a strong edge and a nice firm tip and tail.

ID one USA: Besides ID One USA who else sponsors you?

Nick:My Parents and My Family

ID one USA: If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Nick: I have always really enjoyed Thanksgiving Turkey and Stuffing. I also never get tired of pizza.

ID one USA: What's your favorite movie of all time?

Nick: It is hard to pick, but I think it would have to be any of the National Lampoon Vacation Movies and the Nitro Circus Action Films.

ID one USA: What is one talent or interesting tidbit that people might not know about you?

Nick: I like to mountain bike and golf. I also really like animals and have two dogs.