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Developed for the legendary "JaPOW" in Japan, this ski delivers like nothing else you've ever seen. Handmade to preci...


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Developed for the legendary "JaPOW" in Japan, this ski delivers like nothing else you've ever seen. Handmade to precise standards and driven to provide an experience you'll not soon forget. The FR-JPOW will quickly become one of your best friends - a trusted tool and distinct part of your identity. We can't wait for you to try it. 

This ski will surprise you with its versatility - it shines in the deep snow, but is equally as dynamic as you arch and carve technical turns on the groomers. Even with its wider size, this ski is nimble and responsive when you get into moguls, trees, and any other condition you'll encounter on the mountain or in the backcountry.


The core material is a special lightweight wood found only in Japan. You'll find it easy to initiate the turn, stability in the powder, and performance all over the mountain. 


Side cut profile: 130-98-114mm

JPOW 98 comes in three sizes: 170cm, 177cm, and 184cm. 



Still thinking and looking to learn more? Read this review from one of our expert testers on his experience with the JPOW. 


“The 98 underfoot: I'm a pretty honest guy and there are tons of marginal skis in this category. I don't really understand why. They have too much rocker, no pop, wide tails, short effective edges, too much construction, steer like crap…you get the point. If the JPOW were also like this, I'd say it however this is the best 100ish waist ski I've ever been on without any doubt. It rips. We have all of the conditions right now so it's a great time to judge. Choppy wet sunbaked snow and it's super powerful. Chopped up bumps and you can ski it pinned like a bump ski. On groomers it has a variety of turn shapes and is mega confident. We have a ton of good untouched snow and of course it's amazing there. I rolled the dice a bit on this ski without really seeing how it would go and I'm glad I did. ....and now I want to put a tour binding on one so I might need another pair to go uphill” ~ P. Flaherty/Dec 2021

  • Structure: CS Sandwich
  • Steel Seamless Edge
  • Sole: Graphite
  • Structure Top Sheet
  • 3 Sizes: 130-98-114mm
  • Turning Radius: 170/17.7m, 177/19.7m, 184/21.8m
  • Sizes: 170cm・177cm 184cm
  • Color: Black

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